ॐ नमः शिवाय (Om Namah Shivaya)

"The real key to making money in stocks is not to get scared out of them."

-Peter Lynch


Our online subscription service offers access to stock investment ideas, research reports & model portfolio updates. Usually the stock investment ideas have a 3 to 5 year time horizon & offer attractive compounding opportunity with high margin of safety.

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You just have to pay the subscription fees + taxes at the beginning. There are no other fees whatsoever. The services have to be renewed once your subscription period is over.

Alpha Invesco is known for its in depth research & we do publish the thesis / research reports on all our stock recommendations.

We look for stocks that can become multibaggers & have the potential to multiply capital. However, not all ideas work out exactly as per the expectations. At a portfolio level, we expect to achieve 18 to 24% CAGR returns over a period of time.

  • FY 2016 – 1 buy recommendation & 11 sell recommendations
  • FY 2017 – 1 buy recommendation & 3 sell recommendations
  • FY 2018 – 1 buy recommendations & 4 sell recommendations
  • FY 2019 – 5 buy recommendations & 1 sell recommendation
  • FY 2020 - 3 buy recommendations & 1 sell recommendation ( as on September 2019 )

There is no fixed number of stocks that are recommended every year. It depends on the market situation & number of opportunities we can find. We do not recommend anything unless it fits into our investment criteria i.e. a combination of attractive upside potential + high margin of safety.

We enter the stock with an initial view of 3 years. The holding period can go up or reduce depending on earnings, factors like, whether the story is on track etc.

Exit alerts are more important than entry points. We track all the stocks till the very end & handhold our clients throughout the holding period.

We provide a model portfolio consisting all our stock recommendations. Model portfolio comes out with indicative % allocation to each stock & a suggested buying range.

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I am so happy and appreciate your recommendation for certain stock. Also your logic,thinking and strategy for earning is fabulous. thanks.

Sudhir Rambhia, Gandhinagar

Thanks for the follow up. Really appreciate your service .Keep it up! Pass on my message to your team as well! All the best .

Anandavel Jeyachandran, Chennai

Let me first appreciate for your research reports and customer service executives...they are world class. The reports are very well written and explains the rationale for investments very precisely. And your staff is very co -operative and helpful.Keep up your good work ñ I am a satisfied customer .

Anand Desai, Ahmedabad

Hello team, Thank you for reassuring about the recos given by the alpha invesco. Your attitude for caring about your investors is very good, unlike many other co who forget about the investor after receiving the subscription amount. Thank you. Keep up the good work .

Tushar Maniar, Pune

Sir, I am completely satisfied with your service, and it is very proud to say that, you are the best among all. You are really deserve the name as WEALTH CREATOR.

Sanjib Bagarty, Orissa

Went through your site and the intro newsletter. And I couldn't agree more with your views about the current investment scenario and situation about the so called wealth advisors and investment experts. Keep up the good work. I am glad I subscribed to you services at the very beginning.

Jigar Punamiya, Pune

Till the time I was thinking 90 % people are loosing there money ( I am one of them ) then why they are so much keen on stock mkt investment but after visiting ur site I also got confidence to stay in mkt like pillers with value stocks & I subscribed.

Sachin Patil, Mumbai

Dear Chetan, I appreciate your personal touch towards your clients in such a bad market scenario when the markets were crashing. Thanks, be in touch .

Rajesh Seth, New Delhi

I really appreciate your practical and down to earth approach.I have subscribed umpteen calls and none matches yours. But there is always scope for improvement.Your's is a honest approach and worth every single paisa. May you continue to do well like this and may all the retail investors learn from you and be in the path of success..

Harsha K B, Mumbai

The service of alpha invesco has helped me to create good profit. When I was using all my available information and resources to find a good gem of stock,alpha invesco delivered it on my hand.Good job done and hats off to you guys who do this. Thanks a lot.

Santhosh K, Cochin

I became a member and I am happy investor. Without a second thought, I would say go and get the membership.

Vijay Kumar Raju, Hyderabad,Telangana

I am a paid member of alpha invesco from 2009. I always get very good response and advice from you and your team. There are many stocks that gave good returns on your advice. Your timely advice fetched profits to us. There are only 1 or 2 stocks where we got loss but in comparison we got very good profits. The stocks like IFB industries, KRBL, Genus power etc gave us good profits. Thanks to you and your team for your proper and good advice and recommendation and expecting the same in future.

Ashok Katkam, Bangalore

Alpha Invesco has the rare quality of picking up stocks that grow exponentially in 12- 15 months. I have gained tremendously from their extensive research and sound advice. I would strongly recommend alpha invesco who wants to create wealth.

Abhay Badlani, New Delhi

I have been investing in the Indian equity markets for the last 7 to 8 years. Biggest problem for an individual investor is to identify good stocks. Bigger problem is when to exit & enter a stock. Also there is a lot of noise around. Since I have taken the Alpha Invesco's portfolio management services I am relived of all these botheration. I can better concentrate on my office work without a worry of keeping an eye on my stocks. I get a call from alpha invesco team. Whenever any stock in my portfolio reaches entry/exit levels. Also the portfolio provided to me is doing much better than the sensex or even good mutual funds.

Himanshu Garg, Bangalore

I liked your idea to recommend only stocks with approx 10 times returns over long time even if it is only one or few. Just recommending one stock every month even if it is not that worth is not good. Keep it up.


keep the Good work Going!

kanthavel ramasamy, Chennai

Its always been a learning experience , your recommendation have always been beneficial to us. Thanks for your valuable advice. Good service. Keep it up.

Adv. Ajay Paul singh, Ludhiana

I wanted to share and congratulate u on success of mirza international.

Sreenu Korukonda, Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh

I joined about 4months back and must say, the info provided and recommended is value for money. Wish it gets bigger and better.

Hoshedar Carnac, Mumbai

Your work is commendable. It has given me immense insight, Thank you and keep it up.

Vikas Bharmsarup, Ahmedabad

Your guidance is very helpful for us.

Sharad Agrawal, Delhi

I am truly happy to get associated to you i wish i could have discovered you a little early, i like your way of analyzing the stocks and i am sure going forward your ideas will surely turn all of us prosperous.

Mahesh Arni, Mumbai

Your dedication towards investors is really remarkable.

Uma Shanker, Delhi

Your recommended stock- Mirza International has turned my capital in to 4 fold. I appreciate your research thank you.

Umesh Damble, Pune

Your analysis is working out to be seriously effective and intresting. Keep up the good work.

Kapil Aggarwal, New Delhi

Your service is completely different from rest all service providers, which makes investors mind completely clear and peace of mind. Great work team keep it up. We are very satisfied after seeing the performance of your services.

Mayank M Patel, Ahmedabad

Excellent analysis, Got good profit in just 2 months. Hats off.

Sachin karnavat, Mumbai

I would like to thank alpha invesco for their support in finding multibagger stocks, Keep up the good work.

Himanshu Hemu, Surat

Fantastic research work. Alpha Invesco has been so far a great wealth creator for me. Congratulations to the whole of alpha invesco team for results, You all are doing a great work by advising and educating us in a right way.

Suman, Madurai

I am your subscriber since few years and trust your research and recommendations more than anything else.

Hanumantha Rao, Chennai

I have invested in top 5 stocks as per recommendation on website almost equally and I am very happy with my investments.

Ajay Gandhi, Mumbai

I am very honest to agree with your approach for a fruitful wealth creation for customers! Keep going and help customers to grow. But only one request from my side, suggest more stocks as and when you people find the COAL for tomorrows GEM! Note: It is good to maintain 12-15 stocks in long term portfolio. And I am sure, I can maintain more stocks with your suggested stocks. Hats-off to Alpha Invesco Research and Team.

Venkata Mahesh J, Bangalore

Your stock selection and research is Excellent. I thank you for your support and Guidelines.

Naveen Patel, Sangamner